Background of the Idea

As many as seven out of ten choose to charge mobile phones and tablets at night, according to a survey by TNS Gallup for If P & C, Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning and the Norwegian Fire Protection Association.
According to Norwegian Fire Protection Association around half of all home fires are caused because of faults in the electrical system or negligent use of electrical appliances.

Many have felt that mobile chargers can be quite hot, and in some cases, product malfunction or damage can lead to the outbreak of fire. It can have fatal consequences if the fire starts at night when people are asleep.

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How can we prevent this?


This device will protect against fire during mobile phone charging.
If an incident occurs and smoke appear during charging, this device will cut off power and isolate the fire in a firesafe closed container.
Alarm will wake you up and also additional equipment can send a signal to a Smarthome-central, reception or guard facilities.
This is a product that will be suitable in all private homes, institutions, hotels, cruise ships, oil installations etc. In other words, wherever you charge cell phones, tablets, lithium batteries and other small electrical equipment.

Technical description

This device is built with state-of-the-art technology, and designed to safely charge phones, tablets and other small rechargeable devices.
The mobile phone will always be easily accessible during charging and the integrated Bluetooth speaker will make the Safe-Charger to an excellent streaming unit for music.
Integrated LED light will make the unit decorative and further practical as a night light if the unit is placed on the bedside table.
Safe-Charger will charge your mobile phone via USB.
Design of Safe-Charger can be adapted to different furnituring, and with additional functions like alarm clock, thermometer, hygrometer or wireless charging.
Safe-Charger is made of material that can withstand a small fire long enough to wake people up and limit the fire to a controllable event.
Larger units where you are going to charge several units at the same time, you will have the option of an ampoule of CO2 that releases and extinguishes the fire.
Different models may have different options, but not less safe.